Build trust with prospects

With your email and sales systems

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Systems that build trust

Building trust with prospects has never been more important....or more difficult.

Systems make things more efficient, but what about being effective?

Shouldn't you have the best of both worlds? Email and sales systems that build trusted relationships.

You can.

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Engage prospects with effective email sequences.

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Sales systems that enhance relationships.

Email Systems

Email can be the best way to connect with prospects, but sometimes it does more harm than good.

Messages might activate spam filters or be non-compliant with federal regulations.

Or worse, bad messaging will turn off more prospects than it attracts.

However, it's possible to be successful with email.

It takes the following:

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1. A Good List

Find your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and make a list of only the people who fit it.

2. Good Messaging

Focus on pain points. Make it short. Make it easy to read.

3. Good Technology

Use technology that makes you seem like a real person. Don't forget about SPF, DKIM, DMARC, your top-level domain, CASL, Can-Spam, GDRP, etc...

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Sales Systems

Prospects expect you to guide them through the implementation of any sale.

This can be a lot to keep track of, and having a system that lets you handle this complexity is critical.

Before you implement software, you'll need an assessment, analysis, evaluation and plan.

This should be done with an integrated approach, including the following:

1. Assessment

Understand the sales process, from prospecting to presentations to quotations to proposals to contracts and implementation.

Digital maturity and capabilities for adopting technology should also be assessed.

2. Analysis

Create a process diagram that maps technology to sales functions.

3. Evaluation and Plan

Complete an independent technology evaluation, and devise an implementation plan.


My name is Marcus Thomson. I've worked in Business Development for the past 20 years; mostly bringing innovative technology to the mining industry.

Effective email and sales systems have been my secret weapon.

Email has been the most cost-effective way for me to generate opportunities.

Sales systems have been critical to executing complex sales.

These systems have made a difference for me, and I want to help others get the same benefit.

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